How do i connect to my zoom account ?

Within Keka, it’s possible to connect your Zoom account so that you can generate
Zoom Meeting URLs when scheduling a candidate for an interview. This is useful if
the user is scheduling a Phone/Video Interview.

Integrate Zoom with Keka:

To do this, you need to navigate Settings->Integrations in the Keka Hire application. When
you click toggle button in the Zoom card, it’ll redirect to the Zoom Login page.

Once you successfully login, it’ll take you to Zoom to authorize access to Keka.

Once you authorize the app, then a success toaster message will come and “Integrated with “will be shown in Zoom card.


zoom enable


Schedule Interview with Zoom meeting link:

1. Navigate to Jobs->Candidate-> Candidate profile.
2. Schedule a Phone/Video Interview.
3. Select Date, Time and select Interviewer.
4. On meeting Platform Select Zoom Meeting. On selecting Zoom Meeting a Zoom
Meeting Link will be added in the editor below.
5. Click Passcode (The user can provide passcode in the text field)
A Join meeting link will be sent to candidate and start meeting link will be send to the


Disabling Zoom Integration with Keka Hire:

1. Go to Settings->Integrations
2. Deselect the enabled button.
3. The zoom integration will be disabled.

zoom disable

Uninstalling Keka from Zoom:

1. Login to Zoom account with the credentials provided and navigate to Zoom
2. Click Manage-> Installed Apps.
3. Click on Keka.
4. Click Uninstall.