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“We were able to centralize employee information so easily. Keka did all the job of collecting individual employee infomation!”

Neha Bhavsar

“We bought Keka software just to track leave and attendance. So far we are impressed by its rich functionality. We plan to bring our payroll also in-house and start using Keka Payroll!”

Alfred Davis Kharpuri

“After evaluating top 6 softwares, we decided to go with Keka as it had great UI and the best mobile app. We are happy we made right decision.”

Parul Bhatt

Popular Topics

How do I update employees Profile & Job information in bulk?

Though it is recommended that all employees Profile(*) & Job(#) informations are updated on Keka soon after the completion of initial setup, there can be times when these information might require a change or update.

How do I remove an employee from my organization on Keka?

Users’ profile on Keka CANNOT be deleted.  In case you want to deactivate/remove an account from your organization’s account, please exit the employee.

I am not able to apply for leave, why?

If you are not able to apply for leave, please refer/revisit the restrictions that were set by organisation during the setup.

How do I edit a leave type setting?

To edit a leave type, follow the steps below: Step 1: Go to Settings >> Leaves & Holidays

Why my employees are not able to view Pay slips?

In case your employees are not able to view selected month’s pay slips, this might be because viewing of pay slip is not enabled yet by the Payroll admin.

How do I issue bonus to my employees?

Bonuses can be part of employee’s CTC but might not be paid out on a regular basis. Also, there can be variable bonuses that are paid out based on employee’s and company’s performance, and fixed bonus which are paid out in full.